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OR department with 8 operating rooms



The following OR department is planned and configured for eight operating rooms, arranged in an H formation, and designed for general surgery. The rooms are able to cover a wide range of surgical procedures, such as appendectomies and orthopedic surgery.

This type of OR department would meet the needs of a larger city hospital, district hospital, or smaller university clinic.

A real-life implementation begins with an observation and understanding of real-world workflow. In order to establish work sequences starting in the planning phase, workflows have been created for the staff, the patients and the materials. These are helpful for designing an efficient flow of work within the department.





Department overview

Room index

For detailed description and index, please download project file

Main rooms
01 Operating room general surgery

02 Operating room general surgery

03 Operating room general surgery

04 Operating room orthopedic surgery

05 Operating room orthopedic surgery

06 Operating room general surgery

07 Operating room general surgery

08 Operating room general surgery

27 Recovery room

Ancillary rooms
11 Sterile storage

12 Equipment storage

16 Induction

17 Induction

21 Dirty utility

23 Cleaning room 1

26 Monitoring control room

31 Operating table preparation

32 Cleaning room 2

Connecting rooms
09 Sterile corridor

10 Sterile elevator lock

13 Corridor OR 1-4

14 Corridor OR 5-8

15 Equipment zone

20 Corridor

28 Material storage

29 Supply lock

30 Disposal lock

Staff rooms
18 Office

19 Dictation room

22 Recreation room

24 Doctor’s room anesthesia

25 Doctor’s room

33 Men’s changing room

34 Men’s clean

35 Men’s unclean

36 Men’s shower

37 Men’s restroom

38 Men’s restroom

39 Women’s changing room

40 Women’s clean

41 Women’s unclean

42 Women’s shower

43 Women’s restroom

44 Women’s restroom

Workflow material

Workflow index: material

For detailed description and index, please download project file

Material in

Material out

Sterile goods in

Sterile goods out

Workflow patient

Workflow index: patient

For detailed description and index, please download project file

Patient in

Patient out

Workflow staff

Workflow index: staff

For detailed description and index, please download project file

Staff in

Staff out