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Floor-mounted imaging system

A hybrid room with a floor-mounted angiography system should have a size of about 70 m². At least 10 m² should be considered for the adjacent technical and control room. Since imaging procedures are used, x-ray procedures are also employed here. To protect against x-ray radiation, all room-bordering components must be furnished with 1.5 – 2.0 mm of lead. Because of the high requirement for extremely bacteria-free and low turbulence air in the operating area, the operating room must be equipped with an LAF outlet. It should be designed in such a way that the completely dressed operation team plus all instrument tables fit within the protective area of the LAF outlet. In this example, the standard size, 3,200 mm x 3,200 mm, does not cover the required field so that the size of the LAF ceiling panel should be 3,500 mm x 3,200 mm.

The operating table should be located in the center of the room and configured with a table top made from carbon composite to accommodate all imaging methods; surgical lights are positioned above in the sterile field to cover the best range of light patch from patient’s hair to the toe.

A duo ceiling anchor with an anesthetic connectivity access and an x-ray lead shield is installed at the patient head end. The foot end of the operating room is equipped with a surgical equipment pendant and a supply arm for anesthesia or perfusionist procedures. In the middle of the room, there are duo ceiling anchors positioned on the right and left hand side of the operating table panel; they bear the monitor (21-27”) arms for imaging or endoscopic procedures and for large displays for the imaging partners.



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Index Variop

For detailed description and index, please download project file

1. Maquet Variop wall elements

1.1. Control panel

1.2. Clock, analog

1.3. Sliding door, 1-leaf

1.4. Flush integrated hatch cabinet

1.5. Flush integrated catheter cabinet

1.6. Hinged door, 1-leaf

1.7. Hinged door, 1-leaf

1.8. Wall air exhaust

1.9. Medical gas outlets

1.10. 46“ monitor

1.11. Nurse workstation with 27“ monitor and keyboard

1.12. Frameless glass elements with radiation protection

1.13. Signal light X-ray

1.14. Hinged door, 1-leaf

1.15. Rotatable room camera

1.16. Flush integrated built-in cabinet

1.17. Flush integrated hatch cabinet



Index Equipment

For detailed description and index, please download project file

2.1. Operating table system Maquet Magnus with carbon fiber table top

2.2. Anesthesia machine (e.g. Flow-i C30)

2.3. Angiographic X-ray system (floor mounted)

2.4. Swivel stool

2.5. Bowl holder

2.6. Disposal unit

2.7. Waste collector

2.8. Mayo instrument stand

2.9. Equipment table

2.10. Anesthesia trolley

2.11. Aspirator (e.g. Twista SP 1070)

2.12. Dual surgical light (Maquet PowerLED 50/70) mounted on a Maquet Satelite anchor

2.13. Maquet Satelite Anchor together with two double flat screen holders

2.14. Dual ceiling supply unit (e.g. Maquet Moduevo) consisting of: a anesthesia ceiling supply unit and a X-ray shielding

2.15. Dual ceiling supply unit (e.g. Maquet Moduevo) consisting of: a dual flat screen holder and a X-ray shielding

2.16. Anesthesia/perfusionist ceiling supply units (e.g. Maquet Moduevo PLG II)

2.17. Surgeon ceiling supply unit (e.g. Maquet Moduevo)

2.18. OR integration system Tegris

2.19. Air supply ceiling (LAF)

2.20. Room lights