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Orthopedic surgery


The orthopedic OR is configured with an operating table in the center of the room, with surgical lights and two additional monitor arms above. This OR is equipped with an anesthesia and infusion stand at the patient’s head. The foot end of the room is outfitted with a specifically equipped surgical stand, and a monitor arm.

The room area for orthopedic procedures should be about 60 m². The size requirements are greater than with general surgery due to the various configurations of the operating table and surrounding space. Because of the high requirement for extremely bacteria-free and low turbulence air in the operating area, the operating room must be equipped with an LAF outlet.



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Index Variop

For detailed description and index, please download project file

1. Maquet Variop wall elements

1.1. Printed wall elements

1.2. Sliding door, 1-leaf

1.3. Wall air exhaust

1.4. Hinged door, 1-leaf

1.5. 46“ monitor

1.6. Hinged door, 1-leaf

1.7. Medical gas outlets

1.8. Clock, analog

1.9. Sliding door, 1-leaf

1.10. Control panel

1.11. Nurse workstation with 27“ monitor and keyboard

1.12. Infobar

Groundplan & Ceilingplan

Index Equipment

For detailed description and index, please download project file

2.1. Mobile operating table (e.g. Maquet Yuno)

2.2. Anesthesia machine (e.g. Flow-i C30)

2.3. Anesthesia trolley

2.4. Bowl holder

2.5. Aspirator (e.g. Twista SP 1070)

2.6. Mayo instrument stand

2.7. Waste collector

2.8. Disposal unit

2.9. Swivel stool

2.10. Equipment table

2.11. Dual surgical light: Maquet PowerLED (55)

2.12. Surgeon ceiling supply unit (e.g. Maquet Moduevo)

2.13. OR integration system Tegris

2.14. Anesthesia duo ceiling supply units (e.g. Maquet Moduevo)

2.15. Air supply ceiling (LAF)

2.16. Room lights