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Multi-bed room

The room area of an intensive care room with two beds should be about 35 m². These rooms are used for patients who are not at risk of infection and are not a source of infection themselves. No particular provisions need to be made in regard to ventilation. The privacy of both patients should be ensured with privacy screens.



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Index Variward

For detailed description and index, please download project file

1. Variward wall elements

1.1. Window of local building construction

1.2. Frameless glass elements

1.3. Medical gas outlets

1.4. Frameless glass element

1.5. Glass sliding door, 2-leaf

Groundplan & Ceilingplan

Index Equipment

For detailed description and index, please download project file

2.1. Bed for intensive care (e.g. Enterprise™ 9000 from Arjo)

2.2. Cabinet system with sink

2.3. Duo ceiling supply unit (e.g. Maquet Moduevo) consisting of: a dry side and a wet side as well as an examination light (e.g. Maquet Lucea 40)

2.4. Room lights

2.5. Maquet Variop illuminated ceiling element

2.6. Ceiling lift system Maxi SkyTM 1000

2.7. HEPA terminal filter unit (H13/H14)

2.8. Ceiling outlet for exhaust air