Layout and 3D walk-through

Understanding the workflow in 2D and 3D

We provide both 2D layouts and 3D renderings of the project using CAD and BIM-symbols. 2D drawings provide an overview of the workflow, the room functions and the proposed equipment’s placement and required space in the facility. 3D visualization help the space come to life, providing a realistic view of how your future project will look like.

Visualization of your project

Our large library of 2D and 3D AutoCAD and Revit symbols can help you visualize a broad range of equipment in your drawings. They not only contain the geometry and technical information, but some can also be used in 3D-renderings and walk-throughs to generate a photo-realistic view.

Create a computable model of your facility using building information modeling (BIM)

Building information modeling is a concept for generating and managing a computable model of a facility or a building project. BIM software, such as Revit, generates and manages digital parameters and representations of physical and functional characteristics of facilities. It shows the connection points such as water, steam, drains and electricity, which shortens the time to finalized project and reduces the risk of mistakes. These models meet the demands from architects, engineers, and construction teams.

Make your project come to life

Your design can be easily visualized and understood with photo-realistic walk-throughs. Hospital staff can get an accessible picture of the design proposals, giving them the opportunity for accurate and relevant feedback on the project.