Planning Guidelines

Comprehensive support in planning and design

When planning a room for an average use of two decades, it’s obviously crucial to get things right from the start. With the right architectural planning, it’s possible to maximize workflow efficiency, employee productivity, hygiene, and workplace comfort.

While close attention is paid to the design of the hospital departments, the areas between the departments often receive less consideration. We also focus on the patient flow from OR to ICU, as well as the safe transfer of soiled and sterile goods to and from the CSSD. With this professional support from Getinge, you’ll have guidance throughout the planning process. We are there with you from earliest conceptual stages, through design and construction. Together, we will identify the capacity need for the facility, and optimize the logistic flow of instruments, equipment, patients and staff. A photo-realistic walk-through of your future facility will help you to understand every feature of your project.